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Salads don’t just have to be lettuce and dressing. We like to take things to the next level and offer a variety of different types of salads to meet anyone’s needs!


  • Mixed Greens & Spinach Salad with Feta Cheese, Strawberries or Apples, Pecans or Walnuts, All Served in a Red Wine Vinegar Dressing
  • Brocoli and Cauliflower Salad with Raisins & Sunflower Seeds
  • Summer Salad (tomatoes, onions, red and green peppers, cucumbers in sweet & sour dressing)
  • Mixed Tossed Salad with Choice of Dressing
  • Cranberry Jello Salad (pineapple, pecans, cranberries)
  • Seven Layer Salad (letteuce, bacon, cauliflower, red onions, peas, mayo, parmesan and cheddar cheese)
  • House Recipe Cole Slaw
  • Creamy Cole Slaw
  • Pasta Salad