Do you offer drop off catering services/parties?

Yes, we can do drop off events where we bring the food to the venue, set it up, and then allow the party guests to serve themselves or have there own servers supplied. Contact us for more details on this.

Do you provide your table cloths and table decorations?

We provide table cloths and table decorations for our food tables only, unless you have specified otherwise. We use our own equipment for this.

Do you offer drink service/servers or bartending services?

Yes. We offer both for an added cost. We do not purchase or furnish the alcohol though.

Is there a minimum amount of people required?

Yes. We ask that there be a minimum of 100 people, although we can make exceptions for less at an increased price.

Do you have a menu with prices on it?

No. We price per person/per plate on an individual basis depending on the number of people the event is for. You can check out the available menu items by clicking here.

What types of food do you fix?

We can fix anything from a full buffet style meal, to sandwiches and appetizers, to salads and finger foods. It is really up to you. Please view our menus to see exactly what we can serve.

Do you price per person, or per plate?

We price per person, per plate depending on the amount of people.

What is your average price for a full meal served buffet style?

Depending on the amount of people and type and variety of food, it will usually range from $12-$20 per person.

Do you stay and serve the food?

Yes. We stay and serve the food for free during the allotted time food is available to guests.

Can you cut the wedding cake, and is there a charge for that?

Yes we can cut the cake, and we do this for you free of charge.