Who We Are?

All About Taste, Catering by the Andres Sisters has only been an established business for a few short years. Cooking however has been a part of the three sisters lives since they were kids. Jackie Colin, Ginny Balmer, and Joyce Young make up the trio of what some have called, “the best cooking family in Kentuckiana”.

Growing up in Starlight Indiana in a family of twelve brothers and sisters, Jackie, Ginny, and Joyce all learned how to cook at a young age, and to cook for a lot of people at once. All three sisters claim that they learned all they know about cooking from their late mother, Marcella Andres, who was also the sister of Bonnie Huber from Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant.
Marcella taught the girls that when it came down to cooking, whether for one person, or for a large group, you could bring a lot of happiness to those people by serving them food that had one common goal, it was ALL ABOUT TASTE!

The girls have followed in those footsteps ever since. Both Joyce and Ginny attended a private Catholic high school in Indianapolis called Our Lady of Grace Academy, where they continued their cooking education preparing meals for their other class mates. Jackie started out early on as well catering for the priests at St. John’s Starlight church in the 8th grade, catering full dinners for 12-15 priests and nuns at one time.

The three sisters watched their mom and aunts cater for all of their own weddings, so they followed in those footsteps when it came time to cater for their own sons and daughters weddings. Once people had a chance to taste the food they prepared at their own family celebrations, it didn’t take long before people began requesting the sisters cater for their parties and celebrations as well. Mostly family at first, but once the girls began getting requests from all types of people whom they didn’t even know, they realized it was time to go in business for themselves. The rest, as they say, is history. All About Taste, catering by the Andres Sisters is now available to everyone that is truly searching for quality food, outstanding personalized service, and all at prices that are extremely reasonable. Contact All About Taste for your catering needs today!

  • Jackie Colin

    Jackie is the mother of 5 children and the main point of contact for the business. When you’re ready to talk about having the girls cater your event, you will get the true pleasure of discussing the very best options for you, with her.

  • Ginny Balmer

    Ginny is the mother of 3 children and the owner of the girls cooking kitchen, located on the property to her home. Even when the girls aren’t catering for someone else, Ginny is out learning to cook up even more wonderful food options for your pleasure.

  • Joyce Young

    Joyce is the mother of 3. She brings flair to the girls cooking with the many specialty dishes she prepares. She also loves to add comic relief to the group, and fits right in with Jackie and Ginny when it comes to making customers feel like family. …

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are choosing the caterer for the most special day in any woman’s life, her wedding day, or just for a great party for your friends, family, or employee’s, All About Taste is your best bet. Not only will the food you receive taste better than any home cooked meal you may have ever had, the presentation and service you will receive will be beyond your expectations. We always look to add our own special touch and put extra care into every event we get the opportunity to cater for. We take care of you like we would our own family, all the way down to the prices. For the value you will receive, and all the compliments we expect that you will get on your choice of catering, you truly cannot choose a better option anywhere around Kentuckiana than All About Taste, Catering by the Andres Sisters.